Purpose of the Program:
The program is offered so that cultural properties outside Japan, the common heritage of human, be handed down to future generations.

Eligible Projects for Application:
(1) Projects for the protection, preservation & restoration of cultural properties (i.e., fine arts or historical monuments) outside Japan, which are tangible, old and artistically or academically valuable, and ought to be handed down to future generations.
(2) Preliminary surveys immediately linked up with the projects as mentioned in (1) above.

Qualification of Applicant:
(1) Applicant shall be the owner(s) or administrator(s) of the cultural properties or researcher(s), who will actually conduct preliminary surveys.
(2) The following are not eligible:
(@) profit-making corporations,
(A) individuals who own cultural properties for profit or whose cultural properties are for private use only.

Fiscal 2018 Program:
Application period : October 1 ` November 30, 2018
Grant period : One year
@@@@@@@ (March 2019 through March 2020)
Grant budget :
35 million yen in total, with approx. 15 projects to be selected

The Application for Fiscal 2018 was closed.

The Application Form, the Application Guide and the Instruction Sheet for Fiscal 2018 are attached below for your reference only. 

Application Guide and Instruction Sheet      (PDF)
Application Form                                     (PDF)       (WORD)
*You can view and print PDF file with Adobe Reader

Language for Application: 

English or Japanese 

The selection of applications will be made by the Foundationfs Selection Committee. Based on such determination, the Foundationfs Board of Directors will approve the grant.

Numbers of Past Applications/Awards:
Fiscal Year@ 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Applications 22 27 28 39 41 36 36 42 46 45
Awarded 15 17 17 22 19 18 17 13 14 18
In addition to the above, 7 projects as Special Grant for the Foundation's 15th Anniversary in Fiscal 2006, 4 projects as Special Grant for the Foundation's 20th Anniversary in Fiscal 2011 and  4 projects as Special Grant for the Foundation's 25th Anniversary in Fiscal 2016 were awarded.
Subjects of Past Grants:  

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