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Three-year project to conserve a set of three mid-seventeenth-century Japanese scrolls (Tawara Toda monogatari emaki) from the collections of the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin
(in progress)
Fionnuala Croke
Chester Beatty Library
Preliminary Investigation on the Conservation Planning of the Clay Statues Excavated from Afghanistan of "Mes Aynak" Buddhist sites Masaaki Miyasako
Public Collaboration Center (Eurasia cultural exchange center)
Tokyo University of the Arts
Nehan-zu Project: "Conservation-In-Action" a collaboration with Freer/Sackler at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
(in progress)
Jacki Elgar
Head of Asian Conservation
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Restoration of Fujiwara no Muchimaro Kamakura period(1185-1333), 13th or 14th century Hanging scroll from the collections of Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, USA Per Knutäs
Chief Conservator
Cleveland Museum of Art
Conservation of Kano School Scroll entitled Street Entertainer from the collection of the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, Oberlin, USA Kevin R. E. Greenwood
Assistant Curator
Allen Memorial Art Museum

Conservation of a pair of six-panel folding screens by Kano Ujinobu from the collections of Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
(in progress)

Kathy Gillis
Head of Conservation
Asian Art Museum
Project to Conserve 6-panel Screen by Kano Seisen'in Osanobu from the collections of Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, USA
(in progress)
Eric Pumroy
Bryn Mawr College
Conservation of the 12th century illuminated Winchester Bible at Winchester Cathedral, UK
(in progress)
The Very Rev James Atwell
Winchester Cathedral
Conserving Otogi zoshi shu Nara ehon from the collections of Bodleian Libraries, Oxford, UK Richard Ovenden
Bodley's Librarian
Bodleian Libraries
Collaborative Project for the Conservation of Japanese Paintings in the British Museum, London, UK
(in progress)
Tim Clark
Head of Japanese Collections
Department of Asia, British Museum
Restoretion and Conservative Maintenance of Paintings, Rare Ukiyoe Prints and Print Series, etc. belonging to the Chiossone Museum of Japanese Art, Genova, Italy Donatella Failla
Museo D'Arte Giapponese "Edoardo Chiossone"
Restoration of the Sarcophagus of Princess Isisnofret, Egypt
(in progress)
Sakuji Yoshimura
Professor Emeritus
Waseda University
Conservation Project of Sambor Prei Kuk, Cambodia
(in progress)
Takeshi Nakagawa
Professor Emeritus
Waseda University
Conservation of artifacts from Phanom-Surin Shipwreck, Thailand Sopit Panyakhan
Conservation Science Division Office of National Museums,The Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Culture, Thailand
Conservation of the Trenches on Kaman-Karehoyuk in Republic of Turkey
(in progress)
Sachihiro Omura
Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology
The Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan
The Restoration of the Top roof and Gilded Pinnacle of North Taleju Temple, Mulchowk, Nepal Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust $10,000
Conservation and Restoration of Carved wooden doors in Vietnam National Museum of History Nguyen Van Cuong
Vietnam National Museum of History

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