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Two-year project to conserve a pair of illustrated handscrolls entitled account of the deeds (Zōga Shōnin gyōgōki emaki) from the collections of the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland
(in progress)
Fionnuala Croke
The Chester Beatty Library
"Kamakura Period Rakan Paintings" 15 paintings (incomplete set of 16) to be returned to their original format as hanging scrolls in the Collection of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
(in progress)
Jacki Elgar
Head of Asian Conservation
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Conservation of Sumiyoshi Festival Screens in the Collection of Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA
(in progress)
Kathy Z. Gillis
Head of Conservation
Asian Art Museum
Conservation of a Pair of six-panel Folding Screens Depicting Scenes from the "Song of Everlasting Sorrow" in the Collection of the Harvard Art Museums, USA Rachel Saunders
The Harvard Art Museums
Conservation of Descent of Amida Buddha with Twenty-Five Bodhisattvas from the Collection of the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, USA Nicholas Dorman
Chief Conservator
The Seattle Art Museum
Conservation of the Jizo Bosatsu Reigenki (Miraculous interventions of Jizo Bosatsu) Handscroll in the Collection of the Freer Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA
(in progress)
Andrew Hare
Supervisory Conservator
Freer Gallery of Art
Preservation of Nehan-zu:The Parinirvana(Entry of the Buddha into Nirbana) Hanging scroll in the Collection of Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, USA
(in progress)
Julia M. White
Senior Curator
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Conservation of Amida Raigo Painting in the collection of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, USA Ling-en Lu
Associate Curator
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Collaborative Project for the Conservation of Japanese Paintings in the British Museum, London, UK
(in progress)
Tim Clark
Head of Japanese Collections
Department of Asia, British Museum
Conservation of Archaeological Bronze Objects from Bazgir(Iran) in the late Bronze Age Kazuya Yamauchi
Research Institute of Cultural Properties, Teikyo University
Conservation Project of Sambor Prei Kuk, Cambodia
(in progress)
Takeshi Nakagawa
Professor Emeritus
Waseda University
The restoration of glasswares from the tomb of the Empress of the Liao dynasty in China
(in progress)
Cheng Yongzhi
Inner Mongolia Museum
Conservation of the Trenches on Kaman-Karehoyuk in Republic of Turkey
(in progress)
Sachihiro Omura
Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology
The Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan
Conservation and Restoration of Vietnamese Royal Deification Decree in Vietnam National Museum of History
(in progress)
Nguyen Van Cuong
Vietnam National Museum of History
Investigation and Conservation of The Transition Style Coffer from The Collection of Museum of King Jan V's Palace at Wilanow, Poland Pawel Jaskanis
Museum of King Jan III's Palace
Conservation and restoration of temples mural paintings in the Bagan Ruins in Myanmar
(in progress)
Yoshifumi Maekawa
Researcher & Conservator of wall paintings
Tokyo National Institute for Cultural Properties
Restoration and study of the lacquerwares excavated from Xiongnu tombs in Mongolia Ikue Otani
Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University

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