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Project to conserve Japanese painting, Processing Courtesan by Utagawa Hiromaru from the collection of National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh Rosina Buckland
Senior Curator
National Museum of Scotland
Restoration and preservation of the archeological finds from Bayannuur (Mongolia)
(in progress)
B. Bundkhorol
Acting Chairman
Kharakhorum Museum
Conservation and Restoration of Incised Door Panels of Wat Suthat (Thailand) Anandha Chuchoti
Executive Director
Office of National Museum, The Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Culture, Thailand
Three-year Project to Conserve a mid-seventeenth-century set of three Japanese scrolls, The Tale of Oeyama (Oeyama emaki), from the collections of the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin
(in progress)
Fionnuala Croke
Chester Beatty Library
Conservation Treatment of Scenes from the Life of Gensei Shonin in the Seattle Art Museum collection Nicholas Dorman
Chief Conservator
Seattle Art Museum
Conservation Treatment and Repair of Japanese Paintings Belonging to the Chiossone Museum of Japanese Art, Genoa, Italy
(in progress)
Donatella Failla
Museo D'Arte Giapponese "Edoardo Chiossone"
Conservation of Flower Carts, an 18th-century six-panel Japanese screen paintings in colors and gold foil on paper Maribeth Graybill
Portland Art Museum
Production of Specialty Materials for the Conservation of Japanese Paintings in the Collection of the Freer Gallery of Art
(in progress)
Andrew Hare
Supervisory Conservator
Freer Gallery of Art
Utagawa Kunitsuru Japanese panels painting conservation
(in progress)
Leslie B. Jones
Executive Assistant
White House Historical Association
The restoration of the wall paintings in the church of the monastery Panagia Phaneromeni in Salamina(Greece)
(in progress)
Masako Kido
Faculty of International Studies of Kyoritsu Women’s University
Kumano engi emaki (Kumano no honji), Set of three handscrolls; ink and color on paper Scroll
(in progress)
The Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation $12,850
Conservation of a pair of handscrolls, Illustrated History of the Yuzu-nembutsu Sect (Yuzu-nembutsu engi), attributed to Monk Musashi Hogen
(in progress)
Robert D. Mowry
Alan J. Dworksy Curator of Chinese Art and Head of the Department of Asian Art, Arthur M. Sackler Museum
Harvard Art Museum, Department of Asian Art
Conservation Project of Sambor Prei Kuk, Cambodia
(in progress)
Takeshi Nakagawa
School of Science and Engineering
Waseda University
Conservation and Restoration of a lacquer painting in Vietnam National Museum of History Nguyen Van Cuong
Vietnam National Museum of History
Conservation of “Temple of Sun” in Machu Picchu Archaeological Site (Peru)
(in progress)
Tadateru Nishiura
The Institute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq, Kokushikan University
Conservation of the Trenches on Kaman-Karehoyuk in Republic of Turkey
(in progress)
Sachihiro Omura
Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology
The Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan
Collaborative Project for the Conservation of Japanese Paintings in the British Museum
(in progress)
David Saunders
Department of Conservation and Scientific Research, British Museum
Preservation and improvement of the environment of the Western Xia document, the collection of the Inner Mongolia Museum Tara
Inner Mongolia Museum
The Restoration of the Ivory Window of Sundari Cok at Royal Patan Palace Complex in Kathmandu, Nepal Erich G. Theophile
Executive Director
Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust
Conservation of wall painting fragments excavated in Islamic fortified city ‘Khulbuk’,Tajikistan
(in progress)
Kazuya Yamauchi
Head, Regional Environment Section
National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo
Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation
\ 1,000,000
Restoration of the Sarcophagus of Princess Isisnofret, Egypt
(in progress)
Sakuji Yoshimura
Professor Emeritus
Waseda University
【Special Category】
Sumitomo Foundation Endowment for the Preservation of Japanese Paintings
(in progress)
Jacki Elgar
Head of Asian Conservation and International Projects – Asia
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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