The Research Projects awarded in Fiscal 2013


Themes of Research Projects


Results (Link)
  1 Japan as the World's Most Enviable Role Model in Earthquake Management: Learning from the March 2011 Mega Disasters Monir Hossain Moni@
Asia Pacific Institute for Global Studies, Division of Asian & International Affairs
Research Associate Professor/Director      Bangladish
2 Deployment of Japan's Economic Diplomacy in the Mekong Region Bi Shihong@
Yunnan University
School of International Studies
Professor                               China
3 Study on periodical literatures on Mongolian under the influence of Japan Bing Jun
Inner Mongolia University
Academy of Mongolian Studies
Lecturer                                 China
4 China and Japan Sino-Japanese Manchu literature non-collections and cooperative research Cao Meng (+2)
Shenyang Normal University
Chinese Northern Ethnic Culture Research Center
Associate Professor             China

5 A Study of Inner Mongolian Studies in Japan 1930s`1940s Choiraljav (+1)
Inner Mongolia University
Academy of Mongolian Studies
Professor                               China
6 Shifting motivations and 'Japanese postures' of Japanese language learners in China (1980-2010) Gao Xue-Songi+1j
The University of Hong Kong
The Faculty of Education
Associate Professor            China
7 The Co-evolution Model between Japanese Outsourcers and Chinese Outsourcees Li Hong-Zhou (+1)
Dongbei University of Finance and Economics,
Center for Industrial and Business Organization
Associate Professor            China
8 Study on the importance of multipurpose agricultural cooperatives: with focus on comparison between Japan, China and Korea Quan Qing-Mei@i+4j
Qufu Normal University
School of Economics
Lecturer                                  China
9 A Study on the Pluralistic Role of Muso Zen Buddhist School in Medieval Society
Ren Ping
Zhejiang Shuren University
School of Foreign Languages
Dept. of Japanese
Associate Professor            China
10 A Study on the Variation and Translation of the Vernacular of the Young in Japanese and Chinese Wang Gang@i+2j
Shenzhen University
School of Foreign Languages
Dept. of Japanese
Associate Professor            China
11 Possibility of Sino-Japan cooperation in building the recycling-oriented society in Dalian Wang Huixian@i+2j
Dalian University of Foreign Language
School of Japanese Studies
Associate Professor             China
12 A Historical Study of the Tōtsūji Group in the Early Modern Japan Xu Haihua
Zhejiang Gongshang University
School of Japanese Language and Culture
Lecturer                                  China
13 Collect and Research on the materials regarding the Modern Japanese underwent the researches on the Chinese Newspaper Xu Jinsheng
Fudan University
Associate Professor            China
14 The research about the Intelligence Gathering of Qing Government towards Japan before the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 Xu Lei
Zhejiang Gongshang University
School of Japanese Language and Culture
Lecturer                                 China
15 A Comparative Study on Sino-Japanese Atomic Power Development Models and Security Governance Systems Yin Xiao-Liang
Nankai University
Institute of Japan Studies
Associate Professor             China
16 Tanizaki's work in Manchuria: Focusing on Chinese newspaper Shengjingshibao and Datongbao Yin Yong-shuni+2j
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,  Japanese Department
Lecturer                                  China
17 A Study on Tohru Suzuki's philosophic thinkings : from laboring-existence to echosistence You Li
Nanjing University
Center for Studies of Marxist Social Theory
Doctor Student                      China
18 Research on Japanese clamp-resist dyeing
Zheng Juxin
China Academy of Art
Professor                               China
19 A comparative study of waste and landfill management in Jakarta-Bandung Indonesia and Fukuoka-Okinawa Japan
Dian Andriani@i+1j
Indonesia Institute of Science@
Research Center for Electrical Power and Mechatronics
Researcher                    Indonesia
20 Circulating uric acid as independent risk factor for metabolic syndrome
Diponegoro University@
Faculty of Medicine
Research/clinical Fellow                
21 A Comparative Study of Female Political Leaders' Initiative on Environmental Protection Policy in Indonesia and Japan:
Case Study of Tri Rismaharini, Mayor of Surabaya and Yukiko Kada, Governor of Shiga Prefecture
Kurniawati Hastuti Dewi@
Indonesia Institute of Science@
Research Center for Politics
Researcher                    Indonesia


22 Redefining National Culture: Unintended Consequence of 'Cool Japan' for Japan as a Nation Raphaella Dewantari Dwianto@
University Indonesia@
Faculty of Social & Political Science
Head of post-graduate studies 
23 Need Analysis on East Asia's Text Book Writing for Teaching Japanese and Chinese Languages As Second Language for International Relations University Student in Indonesia: An Integrated Approach Tirta Nugraha Mursitamai+2j
Bina Nusantara University@
Faculty of Humanities
Head/Associate Professor            

24 Reaching the Young Citizens: Contrasting Model of Japanese and Indonesian Civic Engagement in the Web Sphere Desideria Cempaka Wijaya Murti@ University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta@
Faculty of Social and Political Science
Lecturer                         Indonesia
25 Socio-cultural Aspect of Citizen Participation Governance in Tama River Basin (Japan) Conservation Susy Aisyah Nataliwati@
University Indonesia@
Center for Japanese Studies
Researcher/Expert Staff to Vice Director                         Indonesia
26 Public Policy to Conserve Space and Place for All at Cosmic City as a World Heritage Tourism Kyoto as Best Practice for Yogyakarta and the other Traditional Cities in Java, Indonesia Siti Rukayah Nugroho@i+4j
Diponegoro University@
Faculty of Engineering
Vice Head                      Indonesia
27 The Development of Halal Food in Japan: Tourism and Muslim's Identity Construction in Japan (Case Study in Tokyo and Osaka) Suhadi@
Gadjah Mada University@
Graduate School
Lecturer & Head of Research Department                    Indonesia
28 Role of Tonarigumi in the Implementation of Decentralization in Indonesia Sutiyo@
District Government of Purbalingga, Indonesia@
Senior Policy Analyst  Indonesia
29 Study on Energy Saving Perspective of the Japanese Home Appliance Products in Indonesian Market and Its Impact on Indonesian Electricity Consumption. Muhammad Ery Wijaya@
Surya University@
Faculty of Green Economy and Digital Communication
Executive Director        Indonesia


30 Employment Perception on Corporate Responsibility Toward Job Satisfaction: Experience from Japanese Companies in Indonesia Umi Karomah Yaumidin@
Indonesia Institute of Science@
Economic Research Centre
Adjunct Researcher     Indonesia


31 Colonial Korea related works by Toshiyuki Kajiyama: Experience and Records of the Second-generation Colonist
Choe Junho
Chonbuk National University, College of Liberal Arts, Department of Japanese Literature
Part-time Lecturer                Korea
32 Around the Junichiro Tanizaki and Kim Dong-in : Shape of the female figure in the Japan-Korea Literature
Gil Mi Hyun
WooSong University, @@@@@Department of Japanese Subject
Visiting Professor               Korea
33 A Study on the Acceptance of Shimpa Theater in Korea Han Sang-Eon
Hanyang University,
College of Art, Major in Cinema
Lecturer                                Korea
34 A Study on Cultural Exchange between Japanese and Korean in Colonial Period Kim Hyo Sun
Korea University, 
Center for Japanese Study
Research professor             Korea
35 The ancient history of the Nihonshoki and the Sankokushiki: From the Perspective of Textual Analysis Kim Joung-Hee
Sungshin University
Part-time Lecturer               Korea
36 A Study on Poetic Drama Movement in Japan and Korea; Focusing on Consciousness of the classics Kim Jung Hee
Dankook University,
 Institute of Japanese Studies
Research professor            Korea
37 The Comparison of Heroic Legends in East Asia Lee Chung-ho
The University of Korea,
Center for Japanese Studies
Research professor             Korea
38 The Formation of Japanese Immigrant Communities and Religious Synthesis Integration in Korea: Focusing on Seoul Japanese Church and Busan Japanese Church Lee Hyunkyung
Dongseo University,
Center of Liberal Education
Visiting Professor               Korea
39 Political Economy of relationship Between FSA(Financial Sevices Agency) / MOF(Ministry of Finance) and BOJ(Bank of Japan) Pak Seong-Bin
Ajou University, 
College of Social Sciences
Associate Professor           Korea
40 A Study of Okinawa Literature: The Comparative Study of Oshiro Tatsuhiro "Novel Ryukyu disposal" and Matsuda Michiyuki Park Jeong-yi
Pusan University of Foreign Studies
Visiting Professor                 Korea
41 A Study on accent of Korean origin proper nouns of the manuscripts of NIHONSHOKI
Park Mihyun
Pusan National University, Institute of Japanese Studies
Researcher                          Korea
42 Bilingual Strategy of minority intellects under Japanese Empire - around Chosen and Okinawa Son Ji Youn
Kyunghee University,
Humanitas College
Visiting Professor                Korea
43 Constitution Amendment of Japan and Peace of Northeastern Asia-Mainly on Role of the Self-Defense Force of Japan Yuu Ji-a
KookMin University,
Institute of Japanese Studies
Research professor            Korea


A comparative study of drug addiction rehabilitation between Japan and Malaysia: Feasibility of setting up similar centers in Malaysia Imran Ahmad@i+2j
Universiti Sains Malaysia,@
School of Medical Sciences
Lecturer                           Malaysia


Japan halal food market, is it necessary? Comparative study with leading halal food industries, Malaysia and Thailand Sharifah Mariam Alhabshi@
University of Malaya,@International Institute of Public Policy & Management
Senior Lecturer              Malaysia


The Use of Japanese Paper Folding Art, Origami, in Increasing Learning Skills among Children with Disabilities Manisah Mohd. Ali@
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,@
Faculty of Education
Associate Professor     Malaysia


A Comparative Study on Effectiveness of Lean Production Program and Knowledge Transfer during Malaysia-Japan Automotive Industry Cooperation (MAJAICO) and Post-MAJAICO Chew Yin Teng i+1j
Monash University,@
School of Business
Senior Lecturer              Malaysia
48 Safety and welfare of animals captivated in zoos and wildlife parks: A comparative study of Malaysian and Japanese laws Kamal Halili Hassan@
Universiti Kebangsan  Malaysia,@
Faculty of Law
Professor                        Malaysia
49 Implementation of Lesson Study(Jugyokenkyu): Comparison between Malaysia and Japan Zanaton Haji Iksan@i+6j
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,@
Faculty of Education
Senior Lecturer              Malaysia
50 Do Women Really Hold Up Half the Sky?
A Comparative Study of Labor Force Participation of Married Women between Malaysia and Japan.
Suriyani Muhamad@
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu,@
Faculty of Management and Economics
Associate Professor     Malaysia


Understanding Food Supply Chain Integration of the Japanese Companies in Malaysia: An Exploratory Study Rafisah Mat Radzi@i+2j
Universiti Sains Malaysia,@
School of Distance Education
Lecturer                           Malaysia


Negotiating gender role and gender equity- A new perturbing endemic: Comparison between Japan, Korea and Malaysia Ting Ding Hooi @
Univeriti Teknologi Petronas,@
Department of Management and Humanities
Senior Researcher          Malaysia


Evaluation of Lean Intervention in managing medical error related to Health Information Systems: A Comparative Study between Japan and Malaysia Maryati Mohd.Yusof@
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,@
Faculty of Information Science and Technology
Associate Professor      Malaysia


Influence of Japanese lesson Study on Mongolian teachers' knowledge possession Oyunaa Purevdorj@
Ministry of Education and Science@Education Policy Reform Unit
Consultant                       Mongol


The Subjunctive Mood in Japanese and Korean Englishes across Time: Is There Diachronic Change in the Grammar of Expanding Circle Englishes? Ariane Macalinga Borlongan@i+1j
De La Salle University@
Dept. of English and Applied Linguistics
Assistant Professor   Philippines


Eiga: Cinema in The Philippines during World War II Nicolas Armada Deocampoi+1j
University of the Philippines, Diliman@
College of Mass Communication
Professorial Lecturer  Philippines


Comparative Study on Parental Involvement in the Philippines and Japan: Impacts on Elementary Students' Outcomes Melvin Allena Jabar@
De La Salle University@
Social Development Research Center
Director                        Philippines


The Firipin Kyokai: A Relationship between Two Countries with Incomplete Sovereignty Lydia Yu Jose@
Ateneo de Manila University
School of Social Sciences,
Department of Political Science
Professor                    Philippines



Purposes and Roles of Graduate Journalism Education in The Lens of Global Journalism: The Case of The Philippines and Japan Jeremaiah Manuel Opiniano@
University of Santo Tomas@
Faculty of Arts and Letters,
Department of Communication and Media Studies
Coordinator/Research Associate   


Lessons from the Folk: A Comparative Study of the Use of Nature and its Significance to Setting in 20 Japanese Folktales and 20 Folktales from Mindanao Christine Godinez Ortegai+2j
Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology@
College of Arts & Social Sciences
Professor                    Philippines


The Impact of Environmental Dynamism, Business Ties and Strategic Orientation on Firm Performance: The Evidence on the Strategic Alliance between Japan and Taiwan Chen Hao-Cheng@
National Cheng Kung University
Institute of International Management
Assistant Professor        Taiwan

62 The BELIEFS Study of Taiwanese Japanese Major and Non-major Students Chen Ming-jan
Tatung University
Dept. of Applied Foreign Languages
Assistant Professor        Taiwan
63 Consuming Taiwan Ba-na-na in Moji: Colonial Nostalgia and Consumption of History in Contemporary Japan Shi-chi Mike Lan@i+1j
National Chung Cheng University
Department of History
Assistant Professor         Taiwan
64 The Structures of Travel in Shibusawa Tatsuhiko's Works Lin Shu-dan
Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
Associate Professor         Taiwan
65 Exploring Bilateral Community-to-Community Cooperation for the Sustainable Management of SATOYAMA |A Case Study of Taiwanese Bayien and Japanese Ueyama Rice Terraces Conservation Activities Peng Li-Pei
National Taiwan University
Dept. of Bio-Industry Communication and Development
Assistant Professor          Taiwan
66 Estimating and comparing the tourism carbon footprint between Japan and Taiwan Sun Ya-Yen@
National Cheng Kung University
Department of Transportation & Communication Management Science
Assistant Professor         Taiwan

   67 The Activities of the Community Comprehensive Support Center in Japan: Focusing on the Elder abuse Prevention and the Meal-Delivery Service Tu Nien-Tzu
Kainan University
Dept. of Health developing and Health Marketing
Assistant Professor        Taiwan
   68 Alienation Phenomenon of Japanese Youth
|A Discussion from Social Exclusion and Reflexivity Perspective|
Tung Chuang-Ching
Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
Department of Japanese
Associate Professor        Taiwan
   69 Imitation and Competition of the Cultural Content Industrial Policies: A comparative study for Japan and Korea Wang En-Mei (+1)
National Taiwan Normal University
Dept. East Asian Studies
Assistant Professor         Taiwan
   70 In Memoriam: Post-Tsunami Cinemas from Japan and Thailand Anchalee Chaiworaporn@
Thailand Research Fund(Arts Criticism Project)
Project Leader@            Thailand
   71 Japanese-Thai Translation as Cross-cultural Communication Somkiat Chawenkkijwanich@
Thammasat University
Faculty of Liberal Arts,
Japanese Department
Associate Professor      Thailand
   72 Siam through the eyes of Tenjiku Tokubei Namthip Methasate@ Chulalongkorn University
Faculty of Arts
Assistant Professor       Thailand
   73 Influent Factors on the Effectiveness of Sumitomo Cyclotron and Synthesizer Applications for PET/CT Scans in Thailand and Japan Jessadapong Phumruamjai+8j
ChiangMai University@
Faculty of Medicine
Medical Physicist         Thailand
   74 Comparative Study of Contract Farming and Sustainable Agriculture in developed country and less developed country: Patterns, Impact, and Policy Implications: In case of Japan, Thailand and Lao PDR Supaporn Poungchompui+3j
Khonkaen University@
Faculty of Agriculture
Assistant Professor      Thailand
   75 Comparison study of food safety associated with heavy metals contamination between Japan and Southeast Asia
Suthipong Sthiannopkaoi+3j
Dong-A University, Korea@
Faculty of Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor       Thailand
   76 "News from Tonkin"
The Dutch Report of Northern Vietnamese Politics to Japan in The Seventeenth Century
Hoang Anh Tuan@i+2j
Vietnam National University of Hanoi, @College of Social Sciences and Humanities
Associate Professor       Vietnam
   77 Study the Saurus Dictionary of Vietnamese and Japanese (in case of Wamyoshu and Dai nam euoc ngu)

La Minh Hang
Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Hannom Studies
Researcher                       Vietnam
   78 Toward the Sustainable Urban Heritage Conservation: A Comparative Study between Ho Chi Minh City and Yokohama City and Solutions for Ho Chi Minh City Nguyen Diep Quy Vy@i+3j
Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Urban Studies
Lecturer                            Vietnam
   79 Comparative study on Vietnamese and Japanese dragon
Nguyen Ngoc Tho@i+1j
Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Cultural Studies
Head                                 Vietnam
   80 Food Safety Management: Experience from Japan and Lessons Learned for Vietnam
Nguyen Phuong Le@i+1j
Hanoi University of Agriculture,@
Faculty of Economics and Rural Development
Senior Lecturer/Researcher
    81 Measurement of Japanese learning effect by sector vocabulary ranking list
Nguyen Thanh Cong i+1j
Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Lecturer                            Vietnam
   82 The effect of technological equipment from Japan on the performance of Vietnamese manufacturing enterprises
Nguyen Thi Hoang Oanh@i+1j
University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, School of Economics
Lecturer                            Vietnam
   83 Training Teacher Students' Reflective Capacity in Response to Comprehensive Innovations of Vietnamese Education after 2015: Lessons Learned from Japanese Pre-service Teacher Education Nguyen Thi Hong Nam@i+2j
Can Tho University@
School of Education
Associate Professor      Vietnam

Total: 83Research Projects

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