The Research Projects awarded in Fiscal 2001 & Research Results

  Themes of Research Projects             Researchers Results
1 Raising system of Japanese manufacturing company after the 2nd world war: A case of Kawasaki Steel Corp. Dai XiaoFu
Lecturer, Center for Japanese Studies, Fudan University  (China) 
2 Comparative Research concerning the culture of the Ainu people and the ethnic people of Northern China Lang Ying 
Vice President, Institute of Literature of National Minorities, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  (China)
3 Inflow of Chinese classical books into Japan and the return to China where those had already been lost. Li ChunGuang  (+1)
Prof., Faculty of History, Liaoning University  (China) 
4 The Comparative Perspective on the Ancient Salt Production between Japan and China Li Shuicheng  (+3)
Prof., Department of Archaeology, Peking University  (China)

5 The Diffusion and Influence of Japanese Culture on China since 1980
Li Wen  (+1)
Assoc. Research Fellow, Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)

6 The Pacific War revealed in the Book by Masuji Ibuse 
-A Personal Experience and Group Figures during the War-
Lin Min 
Assoc. Prof., Department of Japanese, College of Foreign Languages, Sichuan University (China) 

7 A Comparative Study of Literature of Ogai Mori, Japan, and Modern Literature of China  Liu LiShan 
Prof., Japanese Studies, Liaoning University   (China)

8 Investigation on Brush-talk Materials between Huany Zunxian and Japanese in early Meiji Period Liu YuZhen
Assoc. Prof., Center for Japanese Studies, Nankai University  (China)
9 The Book of Filial Piety in Tokugawa Japan: Issues in Cultural Interaction and Comparison between Japan and China Ng WaiMing 
Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Japanese Studies,  The Chinese University of Hong Kong  (China)
10 Comparative Study of Chinese Characters & Chinese Words in Japanese & Chinese Qu Wei  (+1)
Prof., Vice President, School of Foreign Languages, Liaoning Normal University  (China)
11 Japanese Knowledge and Policy towards China In Modern Times
Shen Haitao
Assoc. Prof., Institute of Northeast Asian Studies, Jilin University  (China)
12 Anatomy of the Dynamic Competitive Advantages and their Support System of Japanese Firms: A Resource-Based View Wang GuiYong  (+4)
Assoc. Prof., School of International business, Nankai University  (China)
13 A Comparative Study of the Vocabularies for Colors both in Chinese and Japanese
Wang ShuYu
Prof., College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Sichuan University  (China)

14 Japan in China: Globalization of Visual Entertainment and National Identities
Wu YongMei  (+1)
Lecturer, Beijing Center of Japanese Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University  (China)
15 Authority and Trial of Courts in Patent Infringement Suits 
-on the comparative research of Japan and China-
Yang Zhimin
Instructor, College of Laws, Sichuan University  (China)

16 Bharatayudha: An Animated Features as a Collaboration between Indonesian and Japanese Visual Style and Storytelling Hafiz Aziz Ahmad  (+3)
Lecturer, Department of Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia)
17 Empirical Study on Community Development Model in Asian Cities -Comparative Sociological Observation on Japan and Indonesian Grass Roots Level Communities Raphaella Dewantari Dwianto  (+1)
Lecturer, Faculty of Business Administration, Atma Jaya Jakarta Catholic University (Indonesia)
18 The Role of Japanese University-Graduated Indonesian Scientists (JUGIS) in the Diffusion of Small-Group Activity (Shoshudan Katsudo) Culture into Academic Community in Indonesia Deddy Kurniadi  (+5)
Researcher, Center for Research on Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung  (Indonesia)
19 Urbanization and its Effects on Family Left Behind: A Case Study in Iwadeyama and Kikaijima, Japan in Comparison to West Sumatra, Indonesia Sri Sunarti Purwaningsih  (+1)
Researcher, Center for Population Studies Indonesian Institute of Sciences  (Indonesia)
20 A Study on the Social Supporting Systems for Human Resource Development corresponding to the Life Cycle of Japanese Married Women Chung, Chin-Sung (+2)
Prof., Sociology Dept., Seoul National University  (Korea)
21 A Study on Korean Pottery found in Japan
Han, Sung-Uk
Chief Researcher, Songgwangsa Museum  (Korea)
22 The Meaning of Corporatization of NPO in the Implementation of Care Insurance in Japan Jung, Mi-Ae
Research Fellow, Center for Culture and Information Studies, Sung-Kong-Hoe University (Korea)
23 A Critical Study of 「Peace-Constitution」and the Ideal Ways of Japan's International Contribution-from the Perspective of Rep. of Korea Lee, Sang-Bong
Lecturer, Dept. of Politics & Diplomatics, Pusan National University  (Korea) 
24 The Activity of "CHOSUN Chemical Society" during 1929-1944 in CHOSUN
- mainly of "Bulletin of CHOSUN Chemical Society"
Lee, Uk
Prof., Dept. of Chemistry, Pukyong National University (Korea)
25 Comparative Study of the Characteristics and the Development Trajectories of East Asian (Japan, Korea, Taiwan) Production Systems Oh, Eun-Taek
Assist. Prof., Dept. of Applied Japanese, Yuta Institute of Business Technology  (Korea)
26 A Comparative Study of Career and Employment Opportunities for Women with Disabilities in Malaysia and Japan Faridah Serajul Haq  (+1)
Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Special Education Program, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia)
27 A Comparative Analysis of Team Effectiveness within the Manufacturing Sector in Malaysia and Japan Malini Ratnasingam  (+1)
Lecturer, Dept. of Anthropology & Sociology, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Malaya  (Malaysia)
28 A Comparative Study on Japanese and Bahasa Malaysia in Technical Communication and a Study of Language Problems Happened in Japanese Companies in Malaysia Enya Kong Tang  (+3)
Lecturer, School of Computer Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia) 
29 Japanese Source Materials on Southeast Asia Daw Ni Ni Myint  (+3)
Director General, Universities Historical Research Centre (Myanmar)
30 An Analytical Study of Japanese Folk Legends:
A Literary Perspective on Japanese Culture
Frances A. Abuso
Assist. Prof., English Department,  Xavier University  (Philippines)
31 Pearl Harbor: The Japanese Necessity Janry Bingona Colonia
Assist. Prof., History, International Studies and Political Science Department, Xavier University (Philippines)
32 A Comparative Study of the American Land Reform Policy in Japan and the Philippines Rene Ramajo Escalante
Assoc. Prof., Department of History,  De La Salle University (Philippines)
33 The Economic Value of Water and its Sustainable Use: Lessons from Japanese Experience Rosalina Palanca Tan
Director, Japanese Studies Program, Ateneo de Manila University  (Philippines)
34 A Study on the Japanese Popular Culture's Influence in Taiwan Yu-Fen Ko
Assist. Prof., Department of Journalism, National Chengchi University  (Taiwan)
35 Elite Survival and Regime Transition: Government-Merchant Relations in the Trade between Taiwan and Japan, 1950-1961 Man-houng Lin
Research Fellow, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
36 The Localization of Colonial Economy:
A Case of the Development of Eastern Taiwan's Industry during the Japanese Colonial Period
Yu Ju Lin
Assist. Research Fellow, Preparatory Office, Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
37 The Comparative Study between Martyr Shrine In Taiwan with Gokoku/Yasukuni Shrine in Japan Tsai ChinTang
Assoc. Prof., Department of History, Tamkang University (Taiwan)

38 A Study of Souseki's Kanshi: An Inheritance from Chuang Chou's seeing Things equally Wu HsuehHong 
Assist. Prof.,  Department of Foreign Languages and Literature,  The Open University of Kaohsiung  (Taiwan)
39 The Role of Japanese ODA for Environmental Protection in Thailand after 1992 Soparatana Jarusombat  (+1)
Vice Dean for Research Affairs, Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University  (Thailand)

40 A Comparative Study on Vocational Rehabilitation of Persons with Physical Disabilities in Japan and Thailand Arunee Limmanee 
Lecturer,  Ratchasuda College, Mahidol University  (Thailand) 
41 Image of Parent-Child in Noh Plays
-Comparison between Middle Ages and Modern Times on the Parent-Child Relationship and Sociality of Noh Plays-
Saowalak Suriyawongpaisal  (+1)
Assist. Prof., Japanese  Section, Faculty of Arts,  Chulalongkorn University  (Thailand)
42 Thai-Japanese Hotels:
A Comparison of Strategic Decisions and Performance Measurements
Uthai Tanlamai  (+1) 
Prof., Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Department of Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University  (Thailand)
43 The "Nihonryoiki" from the Perspective of Comparative Literature Nguyen Thi Oanh 
Research Associate, Institute of Sino-Nom Studies  (Vietnam) 
44 Japanese with Dong Du Movement (Vietnam)
Nguyen Tien Luc 
Head of Japanese Studies, Vietnam National University, Hochiminh City  (Vietnam) 
45 A Comparative Study of Shamanism between Vietnam and Japan:
Impacts of Shamanism on Social and Political Movement
Nguyen Xuan Dien
Researcher, Institute of Sino-Nom Studies  (Vietnam)
46 The Policy of Land in Japan during Heian-Kamakura Periods - Comparing with the Policy of Land in Vietnam during Ly-Tran Periods Phan Hai Linh
Lecturer, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi  (Vietnam)
47 Research on Compiling "Dictionary of Japanese Culture for Vietnamese" Vu Quang Hao 
Assoc. Prof., Faculty of Oriental Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi  (Vietnam) 

Total: 47 Research Projects