The Research Projects awarded in Fiscal 2006 & Research Results

@ Themes of Research Projects             Researchers Results
1 Choice of Policy Tools in Dealing with Sino-Japan Trade Disputes: A Critical Study on the Practices of China and Japan

Shuchao Gao

Assistant Professor,

Faculty of Law

The University of Hong Kong


2 gNihon Shokih and gShoku Nihongih; Revision, Interpretation, and and Publication in China

Han Sheng

Professor, History Department

Fudan University


3 Study of Japanese Literature under the Wartime Structure (1937 – 1945)

Hu Liancheng

Assistant Professor

College of Foreign Languages

Huaqiao University


4 Philological Study on Ancient Chinese Dramas Possessed in Japan

Huang Shizhong


Institute of the Chinese Classic

Sun Yat-sen University


5 Research regarding the Educational Functiuon of Chinese Students Studying in Japan

Jiang Xinghai


Institute of Education

Beijing Normal University


6 Promoting an Environmentally Friendly Society through Legal Mechanisms: A Comparative Study Between Japan and China

Ke Jian

Associate Professor

Research Institute of Environmental Law,

Wuhan University


7 Education for Sustainable Development: A Comparative Analysis of Educational Policies and Practices in Primary Schools in Japan, China and Hong Kong

John Chi-kin Lee

Professor, Dean of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


8 Comparative Cultural Study regarding Solving Puzzles of Mathematics

Shuwen Li

Associate Professor

School of Mathematics and Statistics

Northeast Normal University


9 Prospect for Sino-Japanese Economic Cooperation under Asia-Pacific Free Trade Agreement

Li Zhongmin

Assistant Research Fellow

Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


10 Japanese Writers in gXinjingh during gManzhouh Period

Liu Chunying

Assistant Professor

Institute for Japanese Studies

Northeast Normal University


11 Comparative Study of Education as 2nd Language: Japanese and Chinese

Liu Yuanman

Assistant Professor

International College for Chinese language Studies,

Peking University


12 Study of Kūkaifs gBunkyōhihuronh and Japanese Literature

Lu Sheng Jiang


The School of Literature

Nankai University


13 Study on Repercussion Effect by Changes in Reasonable Tariff Rates and Trade Barriers in Vegetables and Fruits Trade among Japan, China and Korea

Mu Yueying

Assistant Professor, College of Economics and Management

China Agricultural University


14 Japanese IntellectualsfView on China – Centering around the Institute of Pacific Relations

Wang Meiping

Doctorate Course Student (2nd Part),

Institute of Japan Studies,

Nankai University



gŌkawa Shūmei and Modern China (1912 - 1945)h

- Recognitions and Actions in relation to the Sino-Japanese relations

Wu Huaizhong

Assistant Research Fellow

Institute of Japanese Studies

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


16 Globalization and Feminism in Japan - With gSeitōh in the Center

Xiao Xia


School of Foreign Languages

Shandong University



Asia through the Eyes of Japan -  

A Study of the Asian Elements in Contemporary Japanese Cinema

Shuk Ting Yau

Assistant Professor

Dep. of Japanese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


18 TAcceptance of gJandeng Xinhuah in East Asia

Zhang Longmei


Beijing Center for Japanese Studies

Beijing Foreign Studies University


19 Sino-Japanese Comparative study on Governance Structure of Finance in Rural Area

Zheng Wei

Assistant Professor

Institute of Japan Studies

Nankai University


20 Study on Private Schools in Early Modern Times in Japan - Comparison with Chinese Academies (Shuyuan)

Zhu Lingli


Foreign Studies College

Hunan Normal University


21 What Japanese Information and Communications Policy Suggests to China

Zhu Qinghua

Professor, Department of Information Management, Nanjing University


22 Accessible Housing Facilities for Diffable in Japan and Indonesia

Edy Darmawan

Head of Urban Design and Human Settlement Laboratory

Diponegoro University


23 Mission Work of Choseon by JodoShinshu and Formation of Modern Buddhism in Korea

Cho Myung Je


Center for Korean Studies,

Pusan National University


24 A Comparetive Study of Korean and Japanese Recognition on the War

Choi Gwan

Professor, Department of Japanese Language and literature

Korea University


25 A  Research on Impacts and Agendas in Structural Reforms of the Rice Industry in Japan: Examination of Its Production and Distribution Structures

Jeong Seung Yeon

Associate Professor, Faculty of International Trade and Regional Studies, Inha University


26 Political Economy of Financial Reform in Japan and South Korea: Institutional Design and Development from a Comparative Perspective

Heon-Joo Jung

Doctoral Candidate,

Department of Political Science,

University of Pennsylvania


27 Remedial Interaction in Cross-Cultural Pragmatics: The case of Korean and Japanese

Kim Ji Sun

Fulltime Lecturer,

College of Liberal Arts,

Ewha Women's University


28 A Comparative Study to the Christian School's Policy in the Modern Japan and the Colonial Education Policy under the Japan Government-General

Lee Myung Sil

Assistant Professor, School of

General Education for Leadership,

Sookmyung Womenfs University


29 Research on the view point of Korean youth toward Japan in the internet world: Improvement of Present Institution and Development of the Relationship between Korea and Japan

Poe Baek


Institute of International Education Kyunghee University



Rehabilitative Marketization:

The Japanese-style Labor Market Reform in a Comparative Perspective

Ji-Whan Yun

Researcher, Deparment of Political Science, University of California, Barkely



Mathematical and Scientific Thinking

of Pre-University Students in Malaysia and Japan

Noraini Idris

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya


32 The Impact of Japan Assistance on the Security of Malaysia's Maritime Areas

Sutarji Bin Hj.Kasmin

Coordinator for Master of Social Sciences, Center for History, Politics and Strategic Studies

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia



Combating Corruption:

A Comparative Research on Enforcement of Anti-Corruption Laws in Japan and Mongolia

Munkhbat Rentsenkhand


Mongolian Association of Advocates


34 Continuities of Early 20th Century Japanese Communities in the Philippines: An Archival and Oral History Project on the End of World WarU and its Aftermath

Patricia Okubo Afable

Research Associate

National Museum of Natural History,

Smithsonian Institution


35 Analysis of Japanese Literary Selections Anthologized in Philippine Textbooks Published in 1997 to the Present: Implications to Filipinos' Perceptions of Japanese Values and Cultures

Lilia Abregana Cotejar

Assistant Professor

School of Arts and Sciences, Xavier University - Ateneo De Cagayan



"When the Fish Warden Sleeps, Who Will Take Charge?"

An Inquiry on the Alternative

Fisheries Law Enforcement

Approaches in Japan

Joseph Anthony Gallego Loot

Assistant Professor, Division of Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Visayas


37 Japan's Influence on Southeast Asian Cinema (1900-1945)

Fu Kuen Tang

Researcher/Development Officer

Regional Center for Archeology and Fine Arts, Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation


Expecting to Receive

38 A Study of Japanese Women, Aging and Migration

Leng Leng Thang

Associate Professor and Head of Department, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

National University of Singapore


39 A Proposal Regarding Order of Presenting Onomatopoeia in Education of Japanese Language – Through Research of Vocaburary in Picture Books, Novels, and Weekly Magazines

Chen Zhi-Wen

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Applied Japanese, Southern Taiwan University of Technology


40 Prison Supported by Citizenz – Possibility of introducing Japanese PFI Prison to Taiwan

Hsieh Ju-Yuan

Assistant Professor, College of Law, National Chung Cheng University


41 Chiang Kai-shek and Japan

Huang Tzu-Chin

Research Fellow,

Institute of Modern History,

Academia Sinica


42 Nishida on Reality and Self

Huang Wen-Hong

Associate Professor

National Tsing Hua University  Graduate Institute of Philosophy


43 A Study on the Legal Responsibilities of Internet Providrs, from the viewpoint of Freedom of Expression

Lee Ren-Miau

Assistant Professor

Department of Law

National Chung Cheng University


44 Study on the Effect on gDo Try - Weekh (of Hyogo Prefecture) by the Nationwide Introduction of gCarrier Education Practice Projecth (in FY2005 by MEXT)

Tu Nien-Tzu

Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Japanese

Kainan University



Study of Sapporo Agricultural College (Sapporo Nōgakkō) and Modern Taiwanese Sugar Industry

- Centering around Sugar Test Plant of Governor-General of Taiwan

Wu Wen-hsing


The Department of History, National Taiwan Normal University


46 Adopting and Adapting the Japanese Model of Official Development Assistance: A Study on Thailand's Policy in ACMECS

Kesarin Phanarangsan

Ph D. Student, East Asian Studies

University of Pennsylvania


47 A Comparative Study on Jade Making and Using in Prehistory of Vietnam and Japan

Nguyen Kim Dzung

Head of Department, Institute of Archaeology, Department of Ancient Technology Research


48 A Comparative Study on Acceptance of Kanji and Kanbun (Chinese Characters and Sentences Used in Japanese Writing) in Japan and Vietnam

Pham Van Khoai

Head, Institute of Sino-Nom Studies, University of Social Sciences and Humanities,

Vietnam National University, Hanoi



Influence of Chinese Culture on the Dongson Culture of Vietnam and the Yayoi Culture

of Japan: A Comparative Study

Sinh Van Trinh

Head of the Section of Metal Age

Institute of Archaeology, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences


50 A Comparative Study of Chinese origin words in Vietnamese and Kanji in Japanese

Than Thi Kim Tuyen

Lecturer, University of Foreign Languages,

Vietnam National University, Hanoi


Total: 50 Research Projects

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