The Research Projects awarded in Fiscal 2004

 Themes of Research Projects

The Administrative Evaluation in Japan Zhili Bai
Associate Prof., School of Government, Peking University (China)
A Survey Research on the Crisis Management of Japanese Administration - The Status quo of Administrative Organization and its Problem Miao Ling Chun Yu
Associate Professor, School of Public Administration, Chongqing University (China)
Chinese Nationalism and economic struggle between Japan and Britain during 1920's in Shanghai: probe again the reasons why Sino-Japan war cannot be avoided Wei Feng (+3)
Associate Professor, Dept of History, Fudan University (China)
Sino-Japanese Relations before the "Manchurian Incident" Wensheng Gao
Professor, Academy of Politics & Administration, Tianjin Normal University (China)
American Environmental Ethics in Japan Lixin Han (+1)
Associate Professor, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Tsinghua University (China)
Japan's Peace Thought and Movement Guipin Hua
Assist. Professor, Japanese Research Section, Nanjing International Studies University (China)
Comparative Analysis on IT Policy between Japan and China : Regulation and Competition Linbo Jing (+1)
Assist. Director, Institute of Finance and Trade Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)
Smuggling Trade between Chincheo and Chuanchow's Trading Ports and Japan in the 16th Century Jinming Li (+2)
Professor, Research School of Southeast Asia Studies, Xiamen University (China)
The historical phonological strata of Go-on in Sino-Japanese - focused on the contrast with the Southern Chinese phonology of Six Dynasties Xiang Li
PhD candidate, Dept of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University (China)
The Study of Japanese Educational History at the End of Qing Dynasty in China - Focused on the Textbooks Xiaolan Li
Lecturer, Japanese major Foreign Languages Dept, Zhe Jiang University (China)
Manchurian Japanese journalist and Sino-Japanese relations in the first half of the 20th century - Around the Chinese paper "Sheng Jing Times" by Japanese Aijun Liu
Assist Professor, Japanese Language Cultural Dept., Da Lian University (China)
The transmitting of new words with Chinese characters as media - A study on modern vocabulary exchange between China and Japan Fanfu Liu (+1)
Professor, School of Foreign Languages, Liaoning Normal University (China)
The Birth of Japanese KANJI and its Historical Development Jun Pan
Foreign Languages' School, Peking University (China)
An Analysis on the Prospect and Current Conditions of Chinese and Japanese Software's Work and Trade Changhong Pei
Institute of Finance & Trade Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)
Research into the History of Tibetan Studies in Japan Yongzhang Qin (+1)
Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnology & Anthropology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)
The Comparative Study on the Study of Japanese Literature in Chinese and Korean Literature in Chinese in Japan and Korea Yiping Shao
Associate Professor, Dept. of Chinese Literature and Language, Fudan University (China)
The Research about parallel thesaurus of Chinese and Japanese Jianjun Shi (+1)
Professor, Beijing Center for Japanese Studies (China)
A Study on "Oraimono" Jianchuan Tan
Lecturer, School of Foreign Languages, Southwest China Normal University (China)
GOTO SHINPEI and Taiwan's Rule Jian Wang
Professor, Institute of Modern History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)
Student Movement in Showa 40's Xinsheng Wang
Dept. of History, Peking University (China)
A Study on Japanese Identity during the Edo Period Qing Xiang
Lecturer, School of Foreign Languages, Hunan Normal University (China)
The Impact of Japanese Architecture in China - A Study of 1980-2005 Charlie Qiuli Xue
Lecturer, Division of Building Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong (China)
A Comparative Study of the Western Learning between Japan and China - with a Focus on Science and Technology Deyu Zhao
Professor, College of Japanese, Nankai University (China)
Identification of Prehistoric Beliefs : Comparative Study of the Beliefs of Jomon Peoples and Ancient Southeast Asian Johan Arif
Lecturer, Dept. of Geology,
Institute of Technology Bandung (Indonesia)
A Comparative Study of Japanese and Indonesian Cultures on Handling and Processing of Okara Iwan Taruna
Lecturer, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, University of Jember (Indonesia)
A Comparative Study of Strategy for MD (Missile Defense) Fielding in Japan and South Korea Sei-Jin Jeong
Research Professor, Institute for National Development, Chung-Ang University (Korea)
Comparative Analysis of the Differences In the Ending Structure of Japanese And Korean Literature Soon-Hee Jung
Full-time Lecturer, College of Liberal Arts, Ewha Womanfs University (Korea)
Alliance with America & Anti-Americanism :A Comparative Content Analysis of Media Coverage in Japan & South Korea Yong-ho Kim
Assist Professor, Dept of Political Science & Diplomacy, Yonsei University (Korea)
Comparative Study of Womenfs court Literature in Japan and Korea-Womenfs Status in Makuranosousi and Hanjungrok Young Kim
Part-time Lecturer, Sungshin University (Korea)
A Study on the Social Education Policy For Modernization in the Government General in Korea Joo-Heon Lee
Professor, Kyongbuk Foreign Techno College (Korea)
A Comparative Study on the influence of the Constitution of the United States of America on Constitutionalism in Japan and Korea Sang-Yoon Lee
Special Scholar, Institute for the Study of Law, Dong-A University (Korea)
Japanese Radio Strategy in Korea Soon-Ae Park
Associate Professor, Honam University (Korea)
Collaboration between Government and Business mediated by Business Associations in Japan and Korea, 1950-1980 Sub Park
Associate Professor, School of Economics and International Trade, Inje University (Korea)
The spreading and influences of
Japanese swordsmanship to Korea in the 17th-18th century
Young-Koo Roh
Researcher, Korean Studies Institute, Seoul National University (Korea)
The Political Heritage of Colonial Rule in Korea Hee-Kyung Suh
Senior Researcher, Institute of Law Research, Seoul National University (Korea)
A Study of the Preparation of the Childcare Support System for Low Fertility Rate in Japan Yeon-Suk Yang
Assist. Professor, Dept. of Child welfare, Hyejeon College (Korea)
The Japanese Perspective of Paekche in Ancient times Min-Soo Yeon
Research Professor, Korea National Culture Research
Institute, Busan University (Korea)
A Study on Possibility for Introducing Japanese Transportation Accessibility Improvement Law (TAIL) to Laos Bounta Onnavong (+2)
Doctoral Student, Depart of Civil Engineering, Osaka University (Laos)
Comparison of Play Styles for People with Disabilities in Malaysia and Japan : Its Effect on the Development of Social Interaction Angeline Soo-Bee Cheah (+3)
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia)
The Anglo-Japanese Rivalry and Japan's Policy towards Malaya during the 1940's: Their Impact on the Institution of Malay Kingship Kobkua Suwannathat-Pian
Professor and Dean, Dept. of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Malaysia)
Securing the Straits of Malacca : Changing Malaysian Perspective of Japan's Security Role Siew Mun Tang
Lecturer, School of History Politics and Strategic Studies, National University of Malaysia (Malaysia)
Surplus Ships, Surplus Engines, Surplus TV : A Social History of Survival in Malabon, Navotas and Kalookan Dante Lacsamana Ambrosio
Associate Professor, College of Social Science and Philosophy, University of the Philippines (Philippines)
The "Yellow Menace" :The Japanese Factor and Land Settlement in Mindanao, 1935-1941 Rolando Carbon Esteban
Assist Professor, College of Arts & Sciences, University of the Philippines Los Banos (Philippines)
Antecedents of the Japanese-Filipinos / Nikkei-jin of Panay (Philippines) : Occupation and Repatriation Ma. Luisa Escarrilla Mabunay
Assoc Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines Visayas (Philippines)
A Comparison of Japanese Agriculture Immigration in Hokkaido and Taiwan Su-Fen Chang
Associate Professor, Dept. of History, Tamkang University (Taiwan)
The Remnants of Japanese in Taiwan: The case of Nantou Yueh-Chen Chien
Assist. Professor, Dept. of Applied Japanese, Southern Taiwan University of Technology (Taiwan)
From millet to paddy rice: socio-cultural change among the Coastal Amis of Taiwan under the Japanese rule Shiun-Wey Huang (+1)
Associate Research Fellow, The Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
The Modern Interpretations of
the Analects in Japan
Pei-Yi Jin
Assist. Professor, Dept. of Chinese Literature, National Chung Cheng University (Taiwan)
The Development of Financial Groups in Taiwan and its Parallels to Japanese Experience - Focusing on the Transfer and Use of Internal Funds Yi-Cheng Liu (+1)
Assist. Professor, International Business Management, Tamkang University (Taiwan)
The Paradigm and Development of the Reception of Fundamental Rights in Japan and Taiwan Sue-Fen Shaw
Assist. Professor, Law Dept.,
Tunghai University (Taiwan)
The Topic of Consumer Protection in Japan and Taiwan in IT environment - Focusing on Financial Institutions I-Ching Tu
Assist. Professor, College of Law, National Taipei University (Taiwan)
Japan's "Human Security" and Internally Displaced Peoples in Burma/Myanmar : Why a Missing Link ? Decha Tangseefa
Lecturer, Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University (Thailand)
The Roles of Japanese Assemblers in Transferring Engineering and Production Management Capabilities to Local Part Firms in Thailand Kriengkrai Techakanont
Assist Professor, Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University (Thailand)
A Study of Yayoi Culture in Japan - A Viewpoint from the Achievements of Sa Huynh Culture in Vietnam Bui Chi Hoang (+1)
Vice Director, Center for Archaeological Studies, Southern Institute of Social Sciences (Vietnam)
A comparative study of Japanese and Vietnamese cultures through idioms Ngo Minh Thuy
Lecturer, College of Foreign Languages, Vietnam National University (Vietnam)
The material organization and the Conventional character of the Japanese Noh and the Vietnamese Tuon Van Thi Minh Huong
Vice Director, The Hochiminh Conservatory of Music (Vietnam)
Land Tax Reformfs Proposals in
Meiji Era
Vo Vu Minh
Lecturer, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University (Vietnam)

Total:  57 Research Projects

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