The Research Projects awarded in Fiscal 2003

 Themes of Research Projects

Labor Market Policies under Low Fertility Level:                A Comparative Study between China and Japan Du Yang                        (+1)
Associate Professor, Institute of Population and Labor Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences                   (China)  
Migration and Trading Networks: Japanese Communities in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, 1870's - 1930's Lee Pui Tak
Research Officer, Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong                         (China)
The Reference of the Other Countries' Experience in China Library Legislation --- Sino-Japan Comparative Study of Library Legal System and Other Important Issues Li Guo Xin                     (+2)
Professor, Dept. of Library and Information Sciences,           Peking University         (China)
Comparative Analysis on Credit Risk Measurement and Management between Japanese and Chinese Commercial Banks Liang Qi                        (+3)
Associate Professor, Japanese Research Institute, Nankai University                  (China)
A Study on the Feudal Authority and the Ise Faith of the Edo Period Liu Lin Lin
Lecturer, Japanese Studies, Institute of Foreign Language, Peking University         (China)
The Comparative Research on Personal Data Conservation Lu Yanbin                       (+1)
Assist. Professor, Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences                    (China)  
A Comparative Study of Changing University Governance in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong Mok Ka-Ho                     (+2)
Associate Prof.,  Dept. of Public and Social Administration, City University of Hong Kong (China) 
A Study on Glasses of Ancient Japan - Focusing on Nara Period Qi Dongfang
Professor, School of Archaeology and Museology,                      Peking University,          (China)
Extended Imbalance:               A Comparative Study on the U.S.-Korea Security Alliances - Concurrent Analysis of China-Japan-Korea Security Interactions and the Security in Northeast Asia Shi Yuanhua                    (+1)
Professor, Institute of International Affairs,             Fudan University           (China)
Comparison Research on Communities in Big Cities - With Special Reference to the Development of the Social Network Song Jin Wen                  (+1)
Assistant Prof. Beijing Center of Japanese Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University         (China)
Liberal Political Thought in Japan and China during the Second  World War Tang Shiqi
Associate Prof. Institute of International Relations, Peking University                    (China)
The Research on the Japanese Blockprinted Books in China Wu Ge                           (+3)
Chief Librarian, Dept. of Classics Collection, Library,              Fudan University           (China)
The Study of Yangming School in Japan in late 50years Wu Zhen
Associate Prof. Dept. of History of Chinese Philosophy,          Fudan University           (China)
The Comparative Research on Forming Background, Construct and Performance between Japanese Enterprise Group and Chinese Enterprise Group Yang Bin                         (+2)
Assistant Prof. Japan Research Institute of Nankai University                    (China)
The Application of Japan's Nature-Oriented River Engineering Method in China Yang Haijun
Professor, School of Life Science, North-East Normal University                    (China)
Women Filmmakers in Japan Yang Yuanying                  (+2)
Professor, Film Studies Institute, Beijin Film Academy      (China)
A Comparative Study on Economic Thoughts of "Sekimon Shingaku" and "Shi[Xue" of Early Qing Period: Centered on Concept of _Commodity Economy and Occupational Ethic Ye Tan
Professor, Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences                     (China)
Matsumura Kenzou and China Zhai Xin
Associate Prof. Public Management Dept. Shanghai Jiaotong University       (China)
The Induction and Transition of Japanese Philosophical Terminology in China Zhu Jing Wei
Professor, Japanese Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University                    (China)
Japanese Role in Helping Indonesia Overcome the Economic Crisis 1997-2000: An Analysis and Evaluation Syamsul Hadi                  (+1)
Lecturer, Center for International Relations Studies, University of Indonesia                 (Indonesia)
The Japanese Activity and the Chinese in the Eastern Part of British North Borneo during Pre-War, 1930s-1940s Suribidari Samad             (+1)
Researcher, Research Center for Regional Resources, Indonesian Institute of Sciences  (Indonesia)
Manga & Japanimation: Critical Study Based on It's Influence on Pop Culture Within Southeast Asia Yan Yan Sunarya             (+3)
Lecturer, Dept. of Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung     (Indonesia)
Peace Education and the Symbolism of the Memorial Space: The Meaning of the Rearrangement in the Okinawa Prefectural Peace Park Cho, Sung Youn
Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Cheju National University (Korea)
Japanese Colonial Medicine in Korea Kang, Han-Rog
Researcher, The Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford                        (Korea)
Comparative Study on Policy Network Response to Financial Restructuring in Japan and South Korea Kang, Myung-Koo
Researcher, Political Science, University of California, Berkeley                      (Korea)
A Study on the Pottery and Porcelain kiln made by Korean in the Western Japan Kim, In Gyu
Researcher, Seoul National University Museum        (Korea)
The Study on Relation between the Simpa of Kawakami Otojiro Kim, Jaesuk
Associate Professor,             Dept. of Korean Language and Literature, Kyungpook National University                    (Korea)
The Job Ability Development for Middle-Aged and Older Persons in Aged Society: To Focus on Comparing Korea and Japan Kwon, Dae-Bong              (+1)
Professor. College of Education, Korea University           (Korea)
The Study on Comparison of the Rail Reform Policy between Japan and Korea Lee, Yong Sang
The Principal Researcher,      Korea Railroad Research Institute                      (Korea)
The Building of the New Security Order in East Asia in the 21st Century Park, Young-June
Assistant Professor, College of National Security, National Defense University        (Korea)
A Study of Japanese Language on Korean Materials of Naeshirogawa - Focusing on ""Rin-go-tai-ho Shin, Chung Kyun
Assistant Professor, College of Humanities, Chonbuk National University                    (Korea)
A Study on the Museum Education of Japan Yi, Eunmi
Curator, Exhibition Management Dept. The Independence Hall of Korea                         (Korea)
Japanese 'Colonial Knowledge': A Viewpoint from the Colonized Malaysia Shamsul Amri Baharuddin   (+1)
Director, Institute of the Malay World and Civilization, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia   (Malaysia)
Home Fictions from the Asian Diaspora : Ethnicity, Nation and Identity in Japanese American Literature Sharmani Patricia Gabriel
Lecturer, Dept. of English, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Malaya    (Malaysia)
Enterprise and Industrial Development in Malaysia : Looking East, Looking West Edmund Terence Gomez
Associate Prof., Faculty of Economics & Administration, University of Malaya    (Malaysia)
A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study of Malaysian and Japanese Linguistic Assumptions Influencing Pupils' Learning of Science Loo Seng Piew                 (+1)
Associate Prof., School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia            (Malaysia)
Education Asia: Prospects and Limitations of Japanese Policy Lessons--A Study on How Japanese Institutes and Universities Teach about Japanese Economy, Politics and Social Policy Phar Kim Beng
Senior Researcher,               Dept. of Public and Social Administration, City University of Hong Kong                 (Malaysia)
Politics and Reception in Music Production during the Japanese Occupation: A Study of the Philippine Music Series Ma. Alexandra Inigo Chua
Assistant Prof. Centre for Intercultural Studies, University of Santo Tomas           (Philippines)
A Comparative Analysis of Images of the Japanese in Philippine Editorial Cartoons during the Aquino and Ramos Administrations (1986-1998) Helen Yu Livera
Seniori Lecturer,  College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines               (Philippines)
Comparative Studies on Concepts of Land Management and Architecture and their Significance of Human Settlement Patterns: The Case of Mayoyao in Ifugao Province, Philippines and Shirakawa-mura in Gifu Prefecture, Japan David Leonides Timbol Yap   (+2)
Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Philippines               (Philippines)
And So the Year Ends - An Examination of "Nenjugyoji" (Annual Public Events) in Sanetaka Koki Lim Beng Choo
Assistant Prof. Dept. of Japanese Studies, National University of Singapore                (Singapore)
Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Socio-Economic Transformations in Contemporary Asia:               A Comparative Study of Southeast Asia and Japan Liu Hong                         (+1)
Associate Prof. Dept. of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore                (Singapore)
Nature in Modern Japan : The Transformation of Mountains and Rivers in Meiji Kobe, 1868-1912 Timothy Yun Hui Tsu
Head, Department of Japanese Studies, National University of Singapore                (Singapore)
A Study on the Judicial Interpretation in Japan and See What Chiueh Wen-San
Lecturer, The Japanese Dept. of Foreign Languages, Jamkang University                   (Taiwan)
Cross-Cultural Awareness in Conversation Teaching : Japanese Textbooks Used in Elementary Level Classes in Taiwan Ferng Bow Ju
Assistant Prof. College of Foreign Language, Fu Jen Catholic University                   (Taiwan)
The Migrated Monks from China: A Study of the Culture Exchange between China and Japan in the Early Tokugawa Lial Chao Heng
Assistant Prof. The Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy                   (Taiwan)
The Political Economic Networks Analysis of Japanese New Generation Politicians Tsai Tseng-Chia
Research Fellow, Institute of International Relation, National Cheng-Chi University    (Taiwan)
Japanese in Taiwan Ads: Exploring Language Effects in Television Commercials Wang Chih-Chien
Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Information Management, National Taipei University                   (Taiwan)
The Japanese Army and Thailand's Southern Railways during the Greater East Asia War, 1941-1945 Puengthip Kiattisahakul
Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, Silpakorn University     (Thailand)
Japanese Role in the Contemporary Thai Forestry Pinkaew Laungaramsri
Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences,  Chiang Mai University                   (Thailand)
Historical Revisionism in Japan: National Identity Problem after Cold War Nipaporn Ratchatapattanakul
Research Fellow, Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University                   (Thailand)
Made in Japan: A Social History of Japanese Electronic Rice Cookers in Thailand Juthamas Tangsantikul
Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Comparative Study of Folktale in Vietnam and Japan: "Viet Dien U Linh" and "Nihon Ryoiki" Dao Phuong Chi
Researcher, Institute of Sino-Nom Studies              (Vietnam)
Basic Research on Dictionary of Old Chinese Character in Japanese and Vietnamese: "Ekirinbon-Setsuyoshu" and "Dai Nam Quoc Ngu" La Minh Hang
Researcher, Institute of Sino-Nom Studies              (Vietnam)
Analyzing the Roles of Japanese Development Assistance on Development Conflicts in the Greater Mekong Sub Region Nguyen Manh Hung           (+1)
Researcher, Institute of World Economy                   (Vietnam)
The Study of Vocational Educational System in Japan and It's Application in Vietnam Tran Thi Thu Mai              (+1)
Director, Counseling Center of Psychology-Education-Vocation-Career, HCMC University of Pedagogy                   (Vietnam)
Problem of Non-Performing Loans and Restructuring Japan's and Vietnam's Banking Systems in Recent Years:       A Comparative Study Vu Ba The                       (+5)
Head, Dept. of Economic History, Academy of Finance    (Vietnam)

Total:  57 Research Projects

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